What can you tell me about side-effects after Viagra, I am truly worried about taking these pills in my system?
We want you to remember that Viagra is going to cause a great erection and therefore, you will not have to worry about any kind of ED-related problems. Talking about side-effects, it will be fair to mention that you are not going to have any in case you are healthy and do not have certain kind of heart conditions and liver damage, it also goes for depression, anger issues and various health problems. When you are taking Viagra, you ought to remember that it will be better not to mix it with food at all. Try to stay away from alcohol and do not smoke 2 hours before taking this particular pill. Keep in mind that Viagra stays in your system for 36 hours precisely that is why there is no need to take this drug two days in a row. There is a great chance that erection will happen even on the other day after you have intake this pill. In case you will follow all our advice, you will see that ED is not going to bother you at all and apart from that you will have a great sex drive that will make your partner crazy about you.

When I took Viagra last month I did not experience any kind of erection at all, tell me please what did I do wrong and is it possible to fix this particular problem of mine?
There is a great chance that you did not take a necessary amount of Viagra. Some men think that it is enough for them to take 20 mg pill and therefore their blood vessels do not keep an erection and cannot trap enough blood for making it sustainable. As long as you are healthy all you ought to do is to tell your doctor that you cannot get an erection and ask him about the promotion to take a bigger amount of Viagra. Try an average amount of Viagra 50 mg pill. Remember there is also a great chance that you will need to take 100 mg pill in order for an erection to occur and for Viagra to work.

I am going to take Viagra this evening, how long it is going to take for an erection to appear and can I eat a full meal after taking this pill?
Usually, the erection should be expected in about 2 hours, or one but when you are mixing it with food you may see that erection will happen later. Some men are not careful with taking Viagra and therefore, they experience body pains and various heart problems afterward. In order to avoid this kind of problem, you have to make sure that you never mix Viagra with alcohol in any amount at all and please do not eat when Viagra is in your system.
It is actually possible for you to take Viagra and eat a very light meal. But Viagra usually works better when you intake it on an empty stomach. Remember that erection should not stay for over 3 hours. So in case you are finished and erection does not disappear at all then call your doctor and describe to him all your symptoms and what you precisely did.
When men are getting older, they have serious problems with their memory. As a result, they take Viagra and mix it with an antidepressant; the result can actually be frustrating because you are not supposed to combine various drugs with Viagra.

I want to take a Viagra in 5 mg amount but actually, I am very fat, is it going to work for me at all?
Your doctor will be able to tell you precisely whether or not it is going to work, but in case you know that your weight is high and you need to get an erection soon then you have to increase the amount of Viagra up to 50 mg. But never do it on your own, only a doctor who knows all your medical conditions can specify the necessary dosage.