Who is in Charge of Choice of Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Option!

There are lots of variants of erectile dysfunction treatment: from medication intake to surgical intervention and psychological counseling. But it can be rather dangerous to make a choice of treatment option without consultation by a specialist. This is the doctor who has to indicate the most appropriate cause-specific method.

Medications for ED Treatment

There exist really lots of specific drugs for ED treatment. But still, the most widely taken are considered to be:

  • Sildenafil (Viagra);
  • Tadalafil (Cialis);
  • Vardenafil (Levitra).

In general, all these meds refer to PDE5 inhibitors and have a similar action principle. They’re aimed to enhance the action of nitric oxide, which unbraces the penis muscles. As a result, circulation of blood increases, which allows erection in response to sexual arousal. One should remember that these medical preparations don’t cause a consensual erection. Instead of this, they make erection onset easier. And there are a great number of men who note the increase of an erectile function.

These meds have some common features but still, they differ in:

  • Minimal and maximum possible dosages;
  • Duration of their action;
  • Possible after-effects.

When is Pharmaceutical Treatment Unsafe?

Experts mark that intake of PDE5 inhibitors is prohibited if a patient:

  • takes meds for atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease;
  • takes attenuates;
  • takes Alpha-adrenergic blocking agents for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia or high blood pressure;
  • has serious heart diseases and failing heart;
  • suffers a stroke;
  • has problems with blood pressure;
  • has diabetes and doesn’t control his insulin level.

Prostaglandin E for ED Treatment

Prostaglandin E or alprostadil is a synthetic hormone, which eases muscle tissue of penis to provide a steady erection.
There are 2 types of treatment with the use of prostaglandin-containing medications:
1. Injections into the root of the penis. Injection of alprostadil (Caverject, Edex) is made with a special narrow needle. It causes erection in 5-20 minutes that will last for nearly 30 minutes.
2. Self-controlled intraurethral therapy. This method involves using special suppositories, which have to be administered about 5 sm into the external urethral opening. This method is more painful compared to the previous one and is rarely used more.

Hormone Replacement Therapy and Pumps for ED Treatment

Who is in Charge of Choice of Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Option!When the medical test shows that the key reason for an erectile disorder is hormonal imbalance, meaning insufficient testosterone level, a doctor prescribes hormone replacement therapy. Usually, this method involves intake of special hormonal testosterone containing agents.

Erectile dysfunction pumps are designed to use vacuum technology. The external pump is replaced on the end of the penis; the air from the pump is deflated creating a vacuum, which helps penis become erect. When it happens, a constriction ring is put on the root of the penis to keep an erection; after coitus, it should be removed.

Surgical Methods of ED Treatment

These include:
1. Vascular surgery. It’s the best method for those who suffer traumas of reproductive organs and pelvic organs that caused blood supply disturbance in the affected area. A key task of a vascular surgery is blood flow recovery into male reproductive organs.
2. Penile implants. This method is intended to implant a special unit just right into the penis. It’s rather expensive and is recommended when all the rest treatment options turned to be useless.

Psychological Counseling

A doctor offers a patient to get psychological counseling when the last experiences as a constant feeling of stress, sense of alarm, depression, which has a negative impact on erectile function.

Even if psychological problems are not the seed of erectile dysfunction, problems in sensual life may create tension in personal relationships. In this case, mental therapy and family counseling may help recover relations.