Your extra weight and obesity issues can cause impotency in one way or the other?

In order for you to understand how ED occurs in your life it will be better for you to realize the exact symptoms of ED in your life:

– Usually, the first sign of impotency is that you cannot get an erection while you are getting sexually stimulated, even when you are in a right mood, you still cannot manage to get an erection.
– Problems with erection and maintaining it for a proper sexual intercourse,
– You do not have any sexual desire and therefore, you cannot concentrate on having sex at all,
– Your depression or other issues keep you from getting intimate with your wife and satisfying her properly,
When you are overeating all the time and suffer from serious obesity then there is a great chance that you will get ED even in a middle-age.

Lose weight – it is important!

When you realize that the main cause of your erectile dysfunction is extra weight then you have to go on the diet this instant. As soon as you will start eating healthy and lose some extra pounds from your weight then you will see that maintaining an erection is not that difficult at all. For those men who are overweight, we want to highlight the fact that your visceral fat can be totally damaging to your health. As a consequence, it will lower the level of testosterone in your body that is going to harm your penis and cause erectile dysfunction on some level.

As you probably know already testosterone plays the most important part in your penis arousal and sex-life in general. When your penis becomes full of blood because you are getting sexually stimulated it is important that all your vessels close and erection stays for a necessary amount of time. Unfortunately, when you have diabetes and high level of cholesterol your penis will not be able to arouse and blood will not stay there for as long as you desire. In order to avoid this kind of obesity and over-weight problems you ought to:

– Take care of your body by exercising regularly, running and trying to lift weights. Doing push-ups, by the way, is a great way to make your muscles work and make sure that you are fit and your health is great.
– Eat only healthy vegetable and fruits, say goodbye to junk and chocolates. All food that is overfilled with sugar cannot be good for you, therefore, if your health is more important for you then stay away from junk and try to diverse your ration with various salads and other healthy products.
– Remember to sleep for at least 7 hours per day, when your body lacks sleep as it may carry extra fat on various parts of your body. Do not let yourself go and make sure that your total lifestyle is incredibly healthy and great.

When ED has been bothering you for a while and keeping a diet is not getting you anywhere then we want you to try Viagra. It is a remarkable drug that will help you to get and sustain your erection for as long as you want to. Remember not to combine it with food and alcohol, this way you may experience pains all over the body and even vision disorders. As long as you are careful with taking Viagra, you will see how easy it is to satisfy your life-partner during sexual intercourse even when erectile dysfunction has been a serious problem in your sex life for a while.